At So Many Queens we don't try to change the world from today to tomorrow but we are convinced that every step into the right direction counts! This is why we put lots of attention in choosing our labels and we see that all of them make efforts to reduce our foot prints.


Sustainability is shown in many ways:

  • creation of new materials like the seawool from Coster Copenhagen: a mixture between cotton and recycled PET bottles and oyster shells.
  • BCI Cotton (better cotton initiative using much less water in its production) from Mos Mosh 
  • OEKO-Tex certified materials such as the ons used by Henriette Steffensen 
  • 100% sustainable fashion production using recycled materials and using much less of the natural ressources such as the pioneer in sustainable fashion Ecoalf shows us it's possible.
  • And so on..

We promise you: we keep our eyes open for new labels and new ways to live fashion in a sustainable and yet fun way without compromising on style and quality! 

A one-of-a-kind cooperation!

What does a Thai fisherman, a Swiss foundation and a Spanish sustainable fashion brand have to do with you ?

We are happy to present you an amazing collaboration between 3 very different partners!

Since a few years we are happy to work and support the Swiss Foundation Jan & Oscar which does amazing work in Thailand: Building schools, housings with toilets and showers, communal sinks, sponsor school children etc. So when we were approached to help to support their special project with the MOKEN - the guardians of the sea in the South of Thailand, we were obviously up to it ! 


Basically the Foundation Jan & Oscar takes care of this forgotten and not well respected tribe by building a school etc. And as all of them are fishermen and the sea in the South of Thailand is full of plastic waste, a project scope was quickly defined:  Teach the Moken to fish for plastic waste, learn them how to recycle it and of course pay for their work. The foundation built a new Recycle Center and partners were found who bought the recycled plastic to transform it into new sustainable products. One of their partners is Spanish fashion label Ecoalf - the pioneer in sustainable fashion. 


So the deal was the following: Ecoalf buys recycled plastic from the Foundation* from which it produces a 100% sustainable fashion collection. So Many Queens buys a selection from their collection in order to sell it to you! With the help of Ecoalf we are able to give 25% of the sale back to the Foundation which then supports the MOKEN again ... circular economy at its best! 


*by the way: Ecoalf also has its own Foundation which supports Fishermen almost all over the world to collect plastic! Find out more about this initiative here.




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