SOLITO was founded in 2015 by Emmy Burm, who has a wast background in the fashion industry and her beautiful daughter, Sophie, the designer behind these stunning scarves.


Designed in Antwerp, the fashion capital of Belgium, the scarves consist of a combination of natural and rich fabrics from China and India together with beautiful ribbons. They can be worn in many ways and hence bring  a hundred possibilities to your wardrobe! 


SOLITO is our insider tip! This small label wants to stay exclusive and only produces between 50 to 60 styles per season and not more than 150 to 300 scarves per style! So be quick to get your SOLITO scarf! 


Next to scarves, SOLITO ventures into other lovely accessories such as key fobs or feather pompons … we are sure there is more to come from this young label, so stay tuned! 

The story behind the name … 


SOLITO is a name derived from the first 2 letters of Emmy's 3 Eurasian kids : SOphie - LIvinia - TOmas.

Emmy first lived in Taiwan for 7 years, before moving to South Africa with her Taiwanese husband where the 3 children were born. This exciting cultural background by the so-called world citizens - Emmy and Sophie - finds its influence in the SOLITO design and makes them so special.


A successful team: mum Emmy with her daughter Sophie.

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