All of DENISE ROOBOL’s products are made of vegan Microfiber, a material that is made from pressed fibers. The material has a strong coating, which protects it against sunlight and water.  The combination of Microfiber and the strong coating makes the material superstrong, sustainable and water-resistant. Our vegan Microfibre is coming from Guangzhou (3 hour drive from Hongkong), this is because most technological developments take place in this area.


Microfiber is the most high-quality alternative for leather and has the same suppleness and feeling. It’s not needed to use a spray to protect the material.


Microfiber is available in different thicknesses. Every design has their own different thickness. For a minimalistic design we often choose for a thick material. While thinner material matches perfectly with a more casual look. The thickness of the material says nothing about the quality of the bag, but more about the look and feel of the bag.


All of DENISE ROOBOL products (since 2020) are made with a lining of 100% recycled PET bottles. For the shipping of all orders we use recycled carton boxes, which we close with eco-tape.

Denise Roobol - Clutch Bag Green Mud

The Clutch bag has with its horizontal space for things like your (sun)glasses. These days your phone is something you need more quickly and often, so at the back of the bag you will find a phone pocket. The long handle can be removed to make it a classic but timeless clutch.


  • Material: vegan microfiber leather
  • Lining: RPET (recycled PET bottles)
  • Colour lining: beige 
  • Hardware colour: brushed metal
  • Length x width x height: 22 x 5 x 14,5 cm
  • Length shoulder strap - shortest: 76 cm
  • Length shoulder strap - longest: 121 cm
  • Bag closure: magnet
  • Weight: 346 gr
  • Also available in café latte & black


Designed by Denise Roobol / Rotterdam. Meet the designer!


Interested ? Contact us by email - thank you! 

CHF 179.00

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